Social & Community Participation

At Nonabel, we understand the importance of social interaction and community engagement in enhancing the quality of life. Our Social and Community Access services are designed to support individuals with disabilities in participating fully in their communities, building meaningful relationships, and enjoying a rich and fulfilling life.

We provide opportunities for participants to engage in various community activities, including sports, arts, cultural events, and social groups. Our team helps you explore and connect with local clubs, volunteer opportunities, and other community events that match your interests and goals.

Enjoy a range of fun and engaging recreational activities that promote physical and mental well-being. From fitness classes to outdoor adventures, we offer diverse options catering to all interests and abilities.

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Absolutely great. They are extremely helpful and always try to fit in with my schedule to assist me. Friendly, easy to deal with. Such a wonderful support.

Paul Down

Thank you so much for the best service. My support work is always on time and he help me a lot. I appreciate it. Cheers mate.

Barry Geissler

Love this company, they’ve assisted me with excellent services ranging from transport , cooking assistance, cleaning assistance and yard work, I’ve felt very supported ever since my mother called and got us with Nonabel.

Anyone who’s thinking about using this company I’d highly recommend, they are a very versatile company with friendly workers , quick response times and the overall ability to cater to the individual.

Cate Eleter

I have been with Nonabei for the past 3 years, they are very kind, considerate and always making sure my needs are met. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. We need more people like their support workers.

Fiona Carstairs

So greatful for this service, Marwa and the whole team are amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are so accomodating, very understanding, kind, caring and go out of their way to always help me. The staff are always of such high excellence to. Any issues that have arisen.

They’ve been respectful & very understanding of this and quickly resolved it. I have come to know and love the staff, or even if it’s someone whom I hadn’t met before, they are always so kind, warm and genuine people. Thank you to everyone and the whole team at Nonabel, for always having my best interest at heart and always always being so accommodating. I am so grateful

Em B

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